The Wi-Fi digital microcamera/microscope with a DOUBLE LIGHT, white light and ultraviolet light, is a small and light microscope that magnifies from 50x to 200x and can be connected to an external device, tablet or pc, via Wi-Fi or a USB cable. The observation through the magnifying lens allows the hairdresser to confidently analyse the condition of scalp and hair, analysing any anomalies accurately, to then recommend a suitable and specific treatment. Furthermore, the use of the WOOD ultraviolet light allows for the identification of certain anomalies and ailments that aren’t visible with a normal lens or white light, allowing for the observation of subcutaneous microcirculation and facilitating the identification of sebum concentrations by using different chromatic scales.


dermatology to analyse scalp, hair and skin for doctors, pharmacists, trichologists, salons and beauty spas

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