The stress and frenzy of our daily lives increase. The simply zen rituals counteract daily stress with special moments of relaxation and wellbeing.

We want to make the simply zen in-salon experience unique, transforming this into a feeling of complete wellbeing that includes the health and wellbeing of the hands, as well as of scalp and hair.

Hands are constantly irritated by external aggressors that invariably threaten the skin’s integrity. Just think about how many times a day you wash your hands, or the harmful effects from the cold, wind, UV rays, to see how easily hands can become chapped, red, dehydrated or rough, causing the progressive and premature aging of the skin of the hands.

Taking care of hands is important to keep them hydrated, soft, healthy and beautiful.

Discover the new beauty ritual:

step 1 preparing the ritual

step 2/a application of the renewing hand scrub

step 2/b exfoliating massage

step 3 rinse

step 4 application of soothing moisturizing hand spray

step 5 application of nourishing hand cream or intensive nourishing hand cream

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