A product range with highly performative innovative products for scalp and hair:
discover milk_shake® scalp care

Scalp care is the first milk_shake® range created for the wellbeing of the scalp to strengthen the hair. Highly performative treatments that respond to the most common necessities of the scalp such as impurities, dandruff, excess sebum or thinning hair.
3 specific ranges to energize, purify and normalize scalp and hair:
milk_shake® energizing blend
The targeted solution for fine, fragile hair, with a stimulating and revitalizing action.
/ energizing blend shampoo: hair thickening shampoo
/ energizing blend conditioner: hair thickening conditioner
/ energizing blend scalp treatment: hair thickening scalp treatment

milk_shake® purifying blend
The solution to efficiently counteract the unpleasant accumulation of impurities on scalp and hair.
/ purifying blend shampoo: intensive purifying shampoo for scalp and hair

milk_shake® normalizing blend
The solution for scalp and hair that tends to become greasy quickly.
/ normalizing blend shampoo: shampoo for normal or greasy scalp and hair

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