If you want straight hair that is easy to manage at home, choose the new milk_shake® k-respect keratin system smoothing treatment


milk_shake® k-respect keratin system is the innovative smoothing anti-frizz system with keratin and precious oils from the Amazon forest for all hair types. Its specific formula guarantees the best result to eliminate frizz and give straight hair from 3 to 5 months.
The service is extremely flexible and allows to customize the result depending on whether the client needs an anti-frizz treatment, natural movement, or perfectly straight hair.

milk_shake® k-respect guarantees excellent results whilst respecting the hair, the client’s health and the health of the hairdresser.
- no added formaldehyde
- with a % of glyoxal in line with regulations*
- with naturally-sourced

*In compliance with EU REG. 1223/2009 all cosmetic products cannot contain a quantity of glyoxal above 100ppm (0,01g/100g).

But that’s not all, its innovative packaging reduces plastic in the environment with a system that reduces waste and its environmental impact. With the first purchase, each product will be given as is to the purchaser, but the following purchases need only be for refills.
This will help to significantly reduce the plastic used, avoiding wastage: 35% to 55% less* compared to traditional packaging of the same capacity. 

*percentage of plastic saved compared to traditional packaging of the same capacity, which reproduce the same shapes and proportions and have been created using the same materials by the same supplier for packaging that are numerically more representative of the milk_shake® brand.

The milk_shake® k-respect system begins in the salon with the anti-frizz smoothing treatment:
preparing shampoo | purifying shampoo for all hair types
smoothing treatment | smoothing anti-frizz treatment for hair

At home maintenance is fundamental to prolong the duration of the treatment
smoothing shampoo | anti-frizz shampoo for hair
smoothing conditioner | anti-frizz conditioner for hair
smoothing maintainer mist | protective anti-frizz spray for hair
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