milk_shake® 9 minutes, perfect colour, maximum coverage and shine in just 9 minutes

We know your time matters!

Research by the z.one concept R&D department created milk_shake® 9 minutes, the first permanent colour that guarantees maximum results in just 9 minutes.

With milk_shake® 9 minutes you will have:
• perfect colour
• maximum grey coverage
• amazing colour tones
• shiny, soft and vibrant hair
• innovative high-quality active ingredients to protect the hair

Hyper-fermented daisy extract

The hyper-fermented daisy extract, an innovative active ingredient which is exclusive to z.one concept™ worldwide, makes milk_shake® 9 minutes hair colour that’s good for the hair. The process of hyper-fermentation releases a series of beneficial substances for scalp and hair.

Rediscover the value of time and enhance the beauty of your hair in z.one concept™ salons.

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