Unlimited creativity in the world of hair lightening.

A unique product range for perfect blonds. The organic cranberry extract, clay, and silk proteins are the selected active ingredients for impeccable hair lightening.

Discover the milk_shake® decologic range:

/ LIGHTENING POWDER, lifts up to 6 levels leaving hair soft, manageable and shiny
/ BLUE LIGHTENING POWDER, lifts up to 6 levels, reducing golden or brassy tones
/ LEVEL 9, lifts up to 9 levels, counteracting residual warm tones
/ CLAY BALAYAGE LIGHTENER, lifts up to 4 levels without needing support materials to separate the hair, and without staining
/ TOTAL ROOTS LIGHTENER, lifts gently up to 5-6 levels, even on the regrowth area
/ LIGHT & COLOR, lightens and colours the hair at the same time in just 15 minutes
/ TONE CONTROLLER, gives perfect tone control after lightening on very light hair colour levels

Now all you need to do is choose your favourite milk_shake® decologiclook and book an appointment with your hairdresser!

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